Saturday, April 25, 2009

Pictures from our three crazy weeks........Part 2

We had a 70's theme open house for a co-op we go to once a week. Here are the decorations.........

We had an Art/Mission day at our church for the 1st - 5th grade. Projects included: oil pastels, watercolor painting, tissue paper art, and sewing parachutes for Columbia.


Waiting to sew....

Happily waiting to sew

Finished Artwork

More pictures are coming soon!


Anonymous said...

How fun!! Of the art day photos, I recognize my sister with her sewing machine making a parachute! She will be excited to hear that you posted it! It was great to be able to do this for the Colombian natives! The 70's deal that you did at co-op looks exciting! I love the bright festive colors! My favorite decoration shown is the tissue flowers!

Have a great week! You remain in my prayers!
God Bless,
Hannah Ashley

Anonymous said...

I love the new signature! The new backgrownd, also, is very beautiful and rightfully fit for the season! I love the homemade look about it!

I will soon send you a link to my friend Hannah's blog.

Hannah Ashley