Saturday, January 15, 2011


My Mom and I had a wonderful three days in Colorado at the Set Apart Girl Conference hosted by Eric and Leslie Ludy! I met some awesome girls, (most of them in their 20s), spent time with my mom, and learned about what it means to be a set-apart girl!!

Here are some pictures I took of the campus and the girls.

Eric and Leslie introduced us to their kids on the last night!




Are they not adorable??

We woke up Sunday to a fresh batch of snow on the ground!
It was sooo pretty!!

Its snowing!! lol

The "girls" with Eric and Leslie...

I will share more later once I compile it all! :)

Anyway, to explain the title of the post, I might as well tell you that we survived the lock-in of '11. aka THE BLIZZARD THAT SHUT DOWN ATLANTA ––– COMPLETELY.

yeah. not fun.

Coming back home from the conference, mom and I got STUCK in Atlanta. My Mom recaps the story here.

Needless to say, we are just getting back into life around here. Hopefully, I can post in the next couple of weeks of what I learned while I was there! :)

Happy Weekend Y'all!

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