Friday, May 7, 2010

Uncle Sam Wants YOU to Comment!

(haha...I like the title!)


Hello Bloggy World! If you have come across my blog, please comment and tell me how you found it! Don't worry, if you don't want your comment published, just tell me! Thanks!


Debra said...

I like reading your blog....I think you are insightful and you don't blog which I, personally, am eternally grateful. I pray that you continue that trend as you grow of your parental units

Abigail and Lydia said...

I like the title too ☺ Sorry for not commenting!! I do like your blog a lot, you post some very good stuff~ and I love the funny videos that you post =) Oh, BTW I have seen the one that you posted below, it's hilarious, it's kind of funny to watch the way we act coming from guys~ =)

Hope you are having a good day! And I will start commenting, I promise~


Lori McGuire said...

Hi G!
Mr. T. and I have ordered the Platt book, thanks to learning about it here!

We've also ordered a pack of the study guide things and we're going to see if we can work it as a new Bible Study for our church. If so, we're probably going to do a little Summer time small group here at our house and study t*h*a*t (!!! so excited) book. Can't wait for it to arrive!

And, I agree with your mom's comments above!
Mrs. L

Katie said...

Hey Girl,
I don't even remember how i found your blog. I think maybe you emailed me the link or something. I have been reading it for a long long time.
Love ya,

carlotta said...

hey giann! i just found your blog while blog hopping...i came here through it's a beautiful life :)
your blog is adorable.

Mygloryallthecross said...

Comment. Lol, just kidding, awesome blog. Just stumbled across it..very very interesting. xD

Hannah said...

I found your blog off of Jenna's blog (Feminine Farmgirl). :)
I <3 comments too. So I thought it would be kind of mean of me to leave without leaving you one!