Monday, June 13, 2011

The Purple Starburst

I refuse to eat purple starburst or anything remotely similar.


Of a dream I had last night.

A scary one.

A bad one.

A hard-hitting reality one.

I had a dream about drugs.
And not just any drugs.
I mean, illegal drugs. The "real" deal, so to speak.

I dreamed that a purple starburst had an illegal drug in it. We'll just call it "O". And the pharmacist knew what he was doing when he gave the candy to the preteen kids.

It makes me sick, real sick, that somebody would do that. Think about it. He just poisoned the starburst and the preteen kids didn't know it. They only liked the sweet stuff because it made them "feel better". Not because it was destroying their bodies.

That dream reminded me about the urgency of the gospel. We need to tell kids the Truth and nothing but the Truth. They are being poisoned with lies. and they believe it. every.single.word. As Christ-followers, its our job to tell the Truth to these boys and girls.

Because, if we don't, then who will?

We need to rise up and proclaim the gospel to the kids before that evil pharmacist destroys them. So, Preach the gospel and Proclaim the good news.

It shapes our future.

{And....the Word is much more fulfilling than a purple starburst. :) }

(for those of you who are reading this
 don't worry, 
it was just a dream that reminded me of something, 
not a vision or anything like that.
Picture from google images.)

*Hi there! So....CEF is going great and I can't wait to give you an update soon with pictures! Unfortunately, my computer is having a hard time uploading my pictures from training. :( I should have the problem fixed by the end of this week! Thanks for understanding!*

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Mary!! said...

Gosh now i'm going to feel guilty whenever i eat a starburst!!