Sunday, June 26, 2011

Returning "Awesome" Students

*Warning: Please ignore my lack of grammar, punctuation, continuity,  etc. Read at your own risk.*

It was time, again, to visit the hallowed halls of a college campus in order to experience the thrill of a life time. 

The adventure began with worship and praise to our King. 

Followed by a wonderful story of a CEF missionary from another country who was persecuted for her beliefs. 

Then, it was off to our assigned classes where adventure awaited. 

As the director of the state walked down the hallway leading to the RAS room, he could hear sounds of laughter coming from the classroom. But, when he walked into the place of learning, everything ceased. For the students knew, the Buck had stopped here. 

Sean Miller graciously taught our class on Forming a Biblical Worldview. Even though he would get the sign, "Where's the Door Sean?" several times, he continued onward. 

The RAS cheerleader kept the spirit alive when things got a little boring. 

Though the two boys were advanced in training, they were not advanced in maturity. 
totally kidding.....these guys were awesome!! :) 

In order for us to understand what his two year old daughter said, the teacher made us to watch Dora the Explorer instead of the muppets. Of course, that made Kermit the Frog sad. :( 

Teaching the class faithfully, the instructor kept the students on track. 
or not....since this is like the only picture were everybody was paying attention. except for Hannah and Jonathan. lol 
The only edible food at dinner time consisted of watermelon and cheese. 
This was my dinner one night....not kidding.... 

After a scrumptious dinner, the two awesomest students led in a song that required much skill. (Hence the title "awesomest". ;) )

The Kat teaching on how Zach climbed a tree to see the magnificent Messiah.   

The gentle reminder of some fellow who needed to remember to breathe. period. 

The savoring Sarah and her captivating missionary story. 

Off to practice clubs for the trainees. But, little did people know what they were getting  into......

The persuasive Mary Anne and her not so persuasive sidekick Giann.
My beloved Mary Anne.....

After a full day of sessions, Sean led in a round of let-your-inner-preschool-out games.
I believe this was Duck, Duck, Goose or Buck, Buck, Moose..... 

"Best Game Ever" - Mary Anne

Thus concludes the first official day of training of summer 2011! 

Hopefully, I will have day two up soon! :) 

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