Friday, June 17, 2011

How Can You Not?

A girl told me that today....

"How can you not believe in God? How can you believe that you came from a bang? How can you believe in a God that doesn't exist?"  

I don't know.....can you?

Update on CEF:

Well, I have officially finished my first week of my third summer with CEF!!! YAY!! I am so excited to see what God will do in the next two remaining weeks! We had two girls come to Christ in our clubs this week – at least for our team! One of the girls lived in my neighborhood! :) I also became friends with a girl, at a daycare. who is almost 15 years of age and became a Christian when she was 11. She comes to the daycare to play with the kids and because her foster mom directs it. The director of the Daycare is a Christian and has fostered this girl for 3 years. Its exciting to see what God is going to do in this daycare. Please pray that the door will continue to stay open and that we will have a chance to go back before the summer ends! :) Thanks y'all for praying for me and my work with CEF. I am so excited what God will do this summer through me and my team! Keep the prayers coming! :)  Pictures to come soon! ;)

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Sean Miller said...

You are great Giann, God is going to do awesome things through you this summer.