Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I Should Just Become The Team Mascot

Our cover school along with several other ones (or whoever could make it because of the storms) had their annual track meet. yeah. it was nothing to sneeze at.
We did, though, take home several ribbons along with a state trophy!

And I am also merely documenting this event for my blook*, otherwise I wouldn't be blogging about it! :)

Now, for a random assortment of pictures.....

I don't have a team picture but, when I find one, I will post it! :) 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Boston Butte With A Side Of Baking.

This past weekend I deemed "baking day". I have found ALOT of recipes I wanted to try and make so, I picked a date on the calendar and dedicated a day to baking. :)

The first order of business was two pudding recipes. I am not a big pudding fan but, I found this recipe and this one and wanted to try them both.

I pre-made this the night before, so I could fix it the next day. 

Boy, was it rich! We ended up making it into banana pudding. 

I also came across a chocolate chip cookie pie recipe and wanted to try it! 

Surprisingly, it was a really easy recipe; it just took long to bake! :)

We went over to my little sister's house for some BBQ and to enjoy my i-hope-it-taste-good wonderful creation! ;)  

Boston Butte was on the menu along with corn on the cob. YUM!

The finished product.....

I enjoyed the fellowship with Anna and the rest of the McGuires along with some good 'ole food!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Incredibly Long Post With An Overload Of Pictures

*We took a trip to the Georgia Renaissance Fair the day the tornadoes hit the SE. We got back just in time. Below, is my account of the whole ordeal.*

Okay, so we left the 'Ham late afternoon/early evening Tuesday night. I'm not even going to tell  how long it took us to leave the house or town for that matter. And I won't tell you what happened between home and the state line. What I will tell you, is that we did make it to the Peach state and once we crossed over, we hit the nearest Barrel of Crackers.

After we had sat down and ordered our food, guess who walks in?

Jojo and his friend! (Really, peoples?) So, we end up switching tables and causing great havoc in the restaurant among the waiters/waitresses. But, we had a good time visiting with them and eating, too! We made it to our hotel after SEVERAL turns in which one of them made us feel like an oreo cookie. Which gave us the oddest looks because mom was on the phone and having a hard time trying to get out of there. *sigh*

Anyway, we woke up the next morning to the phone ringing telling us that the group who was leaving from the 'Ham is in a stairwell in a church due to bad weather. Well, that kinda thwarts our plans. So, after exchanging several phone calls and checking the weather we come up with plan B.

Then, an hour later those plans cancel and we're back to where we originally started. Thank goodness there was a Star*bucks close by along with a Chick*fila! Sanity is still kept, my friends! So, we head towards the Renaissance Fair eating and drinking coffee and meet up with some people who came a day early like us.

We enter the tornado/hurricane fair and head to the first event.

The Mud Show.

*insert oh-my-word-why-did-i-come-here thought*

That is the ONLY picture you will see of the show. It was very crass and definitely NOT worth your time.* 

Moving on to the next event, The Fool's Knolls Stage, to learn more about language and mannerisms of the Shakespeare era. 

While we were waiting, I saw this sign in the food court...
It reads "Steak on a Stake". Uhh, no thank you. 

"Didn't he just say "Good Mourning"?

Practicing her greeting by curtseying with "trousers". 

Practicing his bowing....

Greeting each other...

Kissing the fair maiden's hand...

Poor guy, he was a little embarrassed. :)

We then ventured over to Shakespeare's plays where Hawk Nelson volunteered to play dead. 

She was quoting from Macbeth. "Out spot, out I say!...."

Stabbing him...


Next up on our tour around the park.........Jousting!

(brief interruption: I don't have any good photos between this picture and the picture below this so....just imagine! ;) )

The last "event" included Mary and myself getting our face painted.

The whole group of girls.

After much debate, we all decided it would be best if we all head on home to try and beat the storm. And that's what we did.

As for the fair, I really disliked it. Even if it wasn't on the weekend. There was a lot of immodest clothing and too many crazy people. I much prefer Legoland's version of this...much cleaner!*

*Like always, my opinions are my own.*