Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Boston Butte With A Side Of Baking.

This past weekend I deemed "baking day". I have found ALOT of recipes I wanted to try and make so, I picked a date on the calendar and dedicated a day to baking. :)

The first order of business was two pudding recipes. I am not a big pudding fan but, I found this recipe and this one and wanted to try them both.

I pre-made this the night before, so I could fix it the next day. 

Boy, was it rich! We ended up making it into banana pudding. 

I also came across a chocolate chip cookie pie recipe and wanted to try it! 

Surprisingly, it was a really easy recipe; it just took long to bake! :)

We went over to my little sister's house for some BBQ and to enjoy my i-hope-it-taste-good wonderful creation! ;)  

Boston Butte was on the menu along with corn on the cob. YUM!

The finished product.....

I enjoyed the fellowship with Anna and the rest of the McGuires along with some good 'ole food!

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