Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ten Feet Off The Ground

I am sitting here with schoolwork out the wazoo but, I felt a post running through my head and needed to get it out. So, here goes.....

As you have all heard, tornadoes swept through the greater South last week around this time. They hit primarily in "The Heart of Dixie". (aka Alabama)

That's where I live.

I won't tell you my exact location, I'll just tell you the tornadoes missed us by *that much*. It was scary and we all lived through it.

We went through our basic routine; Head to the basement armed with laptops, cellphones, and chocolate. No problem. We had done it previously a couple of weeks before...

So, we sat. With laptops watching the awesome weather man, James Spann, while munching on chocolate. This map shows where the path of several tornadoes went and guess what?

You see the break in the black line? 

We were in between that. Barely. By the Sovereignty of God, we were spared from any damage. In fact, if you drove through that part and some parts of the 'Ham, it doesn't even look like a tornado went through it. Seriously!

But, just because we were spared, doesn't mean everybody else wasn't. The town of Pleasant Grove was wiped out. Our friends lost almost everything. Our friends have more house than some of their neighbors. Our friends didn't lose their loved ones like most people.

It's sad.

But, I know that they know that God knows what He is doing through all of this.
Nothing that Natural Disasters destroy, are out of God's control. Nothing that Natural Disasters rip apart, are out of God's control. Nothing that Natural Disasters take away, are out of God's control.

David Platt, my pastor, preached a sermon called "Tornadoes and the Trustworthiness of God" on Sunday. Go listen to it. I could write a whole post on this sermon but, Mrs. Missi already beat me to the punch. Here is an excerpt from it....
Our pastor set aside plans for studying through a family life series to talk about hard stuff today. I’m so grateful. We read through Job 1 and Luke 13. We swallowed hard at the reality that life is never safe and death is unavoidably sure. We were reminded that suffering is always a result of sin. Not the sin of the people in Shoal Creek Valley or Tuscaloosa, or anywhere else that was hurt. Our universal sin. Sin always causes ruin and destruction, and our response to that should be to run from it. These events should deepen our hatred for sin. Our own sin. And secure our trust in a sovereign Lord. Because when we are hurting and suffering, we can be sure that God is with us. We can be sure that Satan and death have been defeated, and that one day suffering will conclude. Tornadoes cannot separate us from the love of Christ.


Well, I must be going....more in the coming days on how you can help with the Tornado Relief!

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