Saturday, June 6, 2009

CYIA Training




These words cannot describe what I am writing!

I arrived @ the Chick-fi-la and loaded into a van with four other teens, whom I did not know. Just 45 min. later we arrived at the 4-H Center and were unloading. Wow! I thought, this going to be fun! We then went to orientation, in the Main Classroom, and learned what we would be doing and who we would be serving with. We learned about the rules of training, the classes we would be attending, and most importantly the reason why we were here. Dinner came shortly after that. Then it was back to the Main Classroom for workshops and Prayer Time. Then I headed to my room and fell asleep.

6:30am came fairly early for me. But, I would have to get used to that, bc that is the time I would have to wake up every morning for a whole week. Breakfast was @ 7:30 then off to Worship and to learn about the Mission to Haiti. We then welcomed another team member and settled down for a long day of Workshops, How To classes, Demonstration club #1, Practice club w/ Team Leader, Lunch and Dinner sometime in between those things, and Prayer Time once again.

The next day was pretty much the same, Evaluation Club and Demonstration club #2, Wordless Book Training and Prayer Time once again. We welcomed our last and final team member.

We basically had the same schedule the rest of the week, Evaluation Club and Demonstration club #3,4,5, but on Friday we had a special class.

It was as balloon class. A man came and spoke about his ministry with balloons. It was pretty interesting.

God taught me alot this week. There is alot more to say, but I will add on to this post day by day. So check back later to see how the rest of my week went!

Love ya!



Anonymous said...

Oh, cool, I didn't know you were doing CEF!! Cool. =D

Giann said...

Who is this?