Friday, July 10, 2009

.A Mentor in My Season of Life.

This is a post that I wrote and decided to share it with you. Please be aware that I am not the best writer so if this does not make sense you know why. :) Also please comment after you read this. Thanks!

One person who has been a (insert adj. here) Mentor is my friend N. She has helped me with alot of things in my life. She has written me notes, encouraged me, let me txt her endlessly, and has been their for me. She probably doesn't know that, but she has. My confidence has grown because of her. She definitely has the gift of encouragement. When I am having a bad day, even without knowing it, she has helped me get through it. Do I want her to know that, you may ask? Yes. When she reads this she will know. I think she shows a picture of what a best friend is really supposed to be.

But, I say that all to say this: We have Mentors in are life that are used by God to help other people. She is one of them.

Now, Mentor someone one in your life.

I know I will.

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