Tuesday, November 17, 2009

HIS Mercies Are New Every Morning

Background Story:

Having some trouble with my literary essay, I asked a few people to help me and only 2 people actually decided to do so. So, I  texted the 2 people back and forth for about an hour trying to get information. The first person I texted had not even started her paper yet. (Note: the paper was due in 3 days). She did not help me and neither did the other person. Clarification: They actually Did help me but not in that moment in the way I wanted them to.)  The other person did have his paper finished, I must add. But he, I think, thought I was out of it and he would not tell me what I needed to know. Still not getting what I needed, he, I think,  perceded to get fed up with me and tell me that I should have written the paper a week ago. He also told me that " giann it doesn't matter if you can write a paper in 3 days... thats not the point.......... your paper wont be near as good as it could be if you try and write it in 3 days". I don't know what he thought of me then, he might have been fed up with me for all I know but he had a good point. :) 

This escapade reminded of something the next day. He may be fed up with me but I know My GOD isn't. HIS mercies are new every morning. If this doesn't make sense to you, thats okay. I don't think it will make sense to anyone but me. And I'm okay with that. :)

The truth to take away from this post is not only to do your work ahead of time but, to remember that GOD's mercies are new every morning.  

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