Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas With the Families.......

After Christmas, we headed south to celebrate with the Family. Here are some highlights from the weekend!

My little cousin Sophie.

Nanny and Sophie bonding again.

fyi....Sophie is Nanny's great-gran.

Little Princess Sophie..

The night before we left, we all went out to eat @ a restaurant.

The kids side...


Noah and Jason gooffing off.

Which led to this.....

Thats a peanut.....
What was so funny, is that Noah didn't even know until we laughed so much. We finally told him because he was crying. Poor Noah.


What you see here is a true southern girl....eating butter plain, my friends....

She knows it too.

Mark, Cheryl, and Sophie, their grandchild.

Amy and Louis - Hailey, Noah and Sophie's parents.

We also visited with my mom's dad.

Then, the day we came back, we went to visit my Nanny.

Sorry, Grandma. I forgot to take a picture with you!

All in all, it was a good Christmas. I'm ready to get back into the daily grind, though.

Hope your Christmas was Wonderful and full of Joy celebrating the Saviour!

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Rachel said...

You look so gorgeous in those last two pics!