Thursday, September 23, 2010

Triumph and Tragedy part 1 (Guatemala '10 Day 5)

*Just for the record, this did not happen on the same day 
but, we are going to pretend it did! :)*

Last year we built a house for a family of three and this year we were able to go and visit them! 

The family had added on a room...


We gave the little boy a bag filled with crayons, paper, and stickers. He loved it!!

Group Shot! 

We then headed back to the church to finish printing and sorting pictures....

and well some of us slept! haha

or entertained kids by playing the guitar.

That same morning the men had an opportunity to be part of a church charter. They hopped on a boat that took them across Lake Atitlian to a village. 

The clear water! 

The church in St. Lucas. 

inside the church....

Dad signing the charter of the church. 

Mr. Todd signing it also. 

The men also visited a school while they were there.

Part 2 to come! 

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Beth said...

These are very nice, Giann. Such vibrant colors!