Friday, April 23, 2010

Track Meet

Hello Bloggy Land! Where have I been? Oh, well you know, I have been busy doing school and trying to finish up early! :) But, in the midst of that I had a track meet with my cover school. So, here are some pictures from the day! Enjoy!

Some of Jason's friends

Getting ready to cheer our teammates!

My relay team


Hanging out in the Tent

The Team


Rachel said...

WOW - that totally brings back memories of my Homeschool track days. Was that at Briarwood? That's where ours always were. You have NOOOO idea how lucky you are that you get to wear regular shorts. The group that our meet was in had a "Girls shorts MUST touch their knees" rule, and since our track team couldn't afford custom uniforms and you couldn't buy knee touching shorts at the time, our track sponsor sewed ugly, TWO INCH THICK ribbons on the hems of our shorts.


Of course, the guys got to wear regular shorts.

I've got pictures. I should dig them out. And blog about it.

Anna said...

That looks like fun, Giann!