Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My Wonderful Commentary On An Assortment Of Pictures.....

{Disclaimer: This post  has a high amount of sarcasm. 
Be warned as you read. }

Now, that title was totally sarcastic y'all. (and long. really long.) I took over 150 photographs on Day 6 of CYIA Training. So, thus begins my commentary on random pictures that have a purpose.....somewhere.  

This is Pete and his "dead" people that he darted during the dart game. 

That was just the start.....I think he ended up with 5 people all crammed in there...I think it was tooooo long of a lunch break. lol :) 

After our incredibly long lunch break, we went to our afternoon track, entitled "How to Teach Preschoolers" or more commonly know as "Letting Your Inner Preschool Out". 

Our four preschoolers surprisingly paying attention during the definition of sin. 

Aunt Debbie telling them about Jesus' work on the Cross. 

I love this expression on MC's face! She is definitely the comic in the bunch! :) 

Something is different in this picture.....Can you tell? 

Hey Sam, the 80's called, they want their hair back.  

After class, it was off to study hall! 

This is lovely LeAnn getting ready for Demo Club where she taught the memory verse! 
You did a wonderful job, btw! 

Intently, coloring our preschool examples of sin. 

And this is Ruth, who decided to come and visit us for a day. 
Here she is studying her Brit. Lit. bleh! 

Proof that I wasn't always behind the lens..... :) 

Since it was the last day of Demo Club, we had prizes to give out! :O 

Little ones for the losers 2nd placers! 

I would like to pause and publicly thank Uncle Doug and Aunt Debbie for coordinating training for all the Alabama teens and their leaders. 
These people right here, have a passion for boys and girls to come to Christ and they tirelessly serve to make God's name known in all nations where they live. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

This is one of the many Sarahs at training....


My LSU Tiger Buddy!!! :) 

I have no clue....

Much better.....


Poor Sean.....

Demo Club with the......

........Karate Kid! ;) 

LeAnn teaching the memory verse! 

Ruth leading in the memory verse song.....

He came into my heart "woo!"

I can live for Him! (yes) Oh, yes I can!

Sean teaching last day missions!

The review game.....

Ivanna rocking practice club!

And Mrs. Clevelyne.....

Awkward Picture.....

Becky is always still confused....

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