Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My Trip to Guatemala Day 3 - First Ministry Day

Day 3 was our first ministry day as a team. We were able to go to the Promised Land* and help build a retaining wall and give out over 200 pairs of shoes to Men, Women, and Children up in the mountains.

*the Promised Land is a camp for all ages groups; primarily youth and we gathered rocks from Lake Atitlian (sp?) to build a retaining wall. I personally did not want to get in the water but when I arrived there I changed my mind. :) I loved it!

After that we went to lunch and drove to the mountains. We were about 7,000 feet up in the air! We literally had our heads up in the clouds. I taught the Salvation Bracelet with the help of the translator. Then we did crafts and gave out shoes!

So here are pictures from our day. Enjoy!

The turkey that hung around our place one morning.

Building the retaining wall

The view from the Promise Land.

Our mode of transportation during the week. (Or vans.)

These girls came running up to me screaming; "un photo", "un photo"!

The line when we got there.

Sorting shoes

The line after about 10 -15 min.

The kids and our team leading songs.

My dad gave this girl a pair of new shoes! So precious!

Washing feet.

Thats all!

I will post Day 4 in the near future. Adios!

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