Monday, September 21, 2009


So Fall is kicking in this year! Oh, how I love it; the colors, the coldness in the air, the pumpkins, the leaves, and Football! Yes! I Love Football! LSU is my Favorite Team!

Here are some of the things I love about fall: (in random order)
  • the colors
  • the cold air
  • jumping in the leaves after you have worked so hard :)
  • football
  • wearing long sleeves, jeans, and a jacket
  • coming inside to a warm house that some people do not have
  • the shorter days
  • pumpkins
  • thanksgiving
  • campfires
  • sitting around the campfire with people you care about and enjoying the moment
  • roasting marshmallows and making smores
  • hayrides
  • eating food that most people around the world do not have

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