Monday, October 11, 2010

Guatemala the 5th - House Dedication/Overrun of Kids

We dedicated the house/had a house pounding for the family. It was truly an unique experience!! 

The joy of having a bed to sleep on at night! 

What boy doesn't like Legos???

Juan wove baskets to give to us. 

Then it was organized chaos.
There was about 400 out of 5,000 kids in the village at the VBS. 

This is what it was like inside the little building....

{video to come soon :) }

Below, is an essay I wrote for a class about my experience with all the kids. 

God’s Sovereignty 
        Most people would call it luck. Many people would say it was a coincidence. I believe otherwise. I would say it was the sovereignty of God that allowed us to minister to the kids that Friday afternoon.
    The VBS team had their work cut out for them. Lining the street as we drove into the village, the kids cheered ecstatically. 

Pastor Louis greeted the team and gave us some news. 
       “How are you? Are you good?” he asked. 
       “Yes!!” the team responded. 
       “Well, I have some news for you. You have one hour with these kids. The kids inside the building are kids from the church and the kids on the outside in the street are non-church kids.” Pastor Louis explained further, 
“Traditionally, the church kids are treated with more respect than the non church kids. Do you think you can include them somehow?”
    “Yes. Absolutely!” Paula, a member of the team, spoke up. 
     Paula then turned to the team and gave out directions and jobs. Then some yelled out “I think its going to rain!” 
       Uh-oh. If it rained, we would not be able to teach the kids on the street.  I said a quick prayer and got started. The church kids listened intently to my teaching and we had some even start sharing what each color meant after I had finished. Mrs. Paula and I handed out salvation bracelets and then we swapped kids. The kids on the street came inside and the kids in the house went outside. We finished just in time before the rain started. The sovereignty of God was evident. He wanted the non church kids on the street to hear the VBS lesson that day. I learned how God is sovereign over the rain and allowing me to be able to share the Word with the kids without any interruption. 

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