Monday, November 29, 2010

Your Holiday (Pajama) (un)Shopping Guide

Its that time of year again. You know, the part where you fight the crowds at the store and try to snag the best deal!? Well, if you haven't already gone Christmas shopping for your family, I have a (pajama) (un)shopping guide just for you. 

[now, this is not meant to copy Rachel's post but to "expand" it. ;)] 

You are probably thinking, why pajamas?? Well,  every year on Christmas Eve, our family gets new pajamas. Its been a tradition for a long time! 

So, without further ado, I introduce to you; Your Holiday (Pajama) (un) Shopping Guide.

If you're in the market for matching pajamas for the whole family, look no further! 

We have matching Christmas trees....

and if you have an extra gift, it comes in maternity too...

 or maybe for your dog, because all dogs want to be part of the family!

Moving on to the cabin-y look.

The over sized boyfriend shirt...

or just plain plaid pants.

How about a shirt that says "Flakey"??
(because everyone needs to know about your dandruff problem. geez.)

and yes, it comes in little girls too...

or you could just go the safe route and do all snowflakes.

If you have a "wild" wife, why don't you get her some of these zebra print pajamas.

Maybe you have a "sweet" wife..??

or maybe you want to get your wife pajamas that can also double as scrubs.

Did you say you wanted Grandma's couch pajamas?!?

Or did I hear Aunt Sue's wallpaper pajamas??

The new and "in" pajamas are just waaayyy to creepy and definitely not from this century. *shivers*

Yep. the onesie.

Except, it wouldn't be nice for you just to have it...
noooo, lets get the whole family warm!

Its does come in red..

or penguins...

or denim.
(the new look for coveralls. )

But, you could always just get the matching set for the whole family!

Another new "fad" this year is pajama jeans.
(I actually want some of these. :) )

The styles include, black and blue boot cut or skinny.

Now, if you want to go back 3 decades, here's the style for you...

Moving on to matching couples, we have "Slumber Jacks"...

Im-crazy-over-crossword-puzzles pajamas..

no comment.

Last but not least, for the women in your family,
you can get her some pj's that say what she doesn't feel like saying...
(it says "Fatigued")

Well, I would show you more but, I am sorta fatigued of this post. ;) So, why don't you head on over to Pajama Gram to see for yourself!?

Happy (Shopping) Monday Everybody!

{Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated to write this post. I just wanted to create a fun, not harmful, guide to holiday christmas shopping for people's loved ones. Even if it is a dog.}


Rachel said...

LOL :) So do we get to see your family's matching pajama final choices??

~ McKenzie Elizabeth~ said...

Hi Giann,

Wow, that is a lot of pajamas! :>) Thanks for the comment on my blog. I enjoyed reading back about your Thanksgiving. Sounds like you have been busy!
Take care,