Friday, December 17, 2010

Decorating The Christmas Tree

Every year there is always a debate on where to put the Christmas Tree. 

Two years ago, it was here

Last year, it was here.

This year the tree ended up in the Dining Room of our house. Go figure. 
Our dining room can manage crampness for a few weeks, though. 

One of our Christmas traditions is to buy an ornament wherever we go. or sometimes people give us ornaments that we hang too.

 For example, the one Jojo is holding in the picture was a teacher's gift to my mom when we studied American History. We let Jojo hang it as a reminder that he is in the USA now, not India. 

Another example, is when we go places like Guatemala.

This is a chicken bus like the one we rode in Guatemala.

Jason decorating the tree.

The Christmas tree all lit up!!! 

Picture time! :O

*I am glad to be on Christmas break! Today is my last day!! YAY!! Anyway, do y'all like the new look??*

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