Sunday, December 19, 2010

I Wouldn't Change A Thing....

I can never say "Why?"

It just won't happen. I just can't. 

Often times, as I am reading adoption stories, I think back to the time God led our family through the process. 

I remember the mounds of paperwork, meetings, and fingerprinting we had to do, not to mention standing in line getting our passports. 

I remember waiting in anticipation by praying, buying things with her name on it, waiting to travel to a foreign country to get her and to see the sites. 

I remember missing her when Christmas came around.

(these are the things I can relate to.)

But, I also remember getting the call. 

It was not just any ordinary call, but a heartbreaker

I don't remember much of my emotions that day. I forgot if I was crying or stunned. 

But, I kept saying that "God is preparing us for something bigger." I didn't know what the "bigger" was at the moment. I just knew he had something better in store for us. 

Sitting in a government glass on a cold March morning, I was reminded. (okay, maybe it sparked my remembrance.) In the months to come, I realized that...

I wouldn't have changed a thing. 

Not one. single. thing.

I just can't. 

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