Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Death of Me (or Julius Caesar)

I had the opportunity to go and see a play put on by the Alabama Shakespeare Festival. Although, I really wanted to see Oklahoma's. ;)

Of course, I think I died instead of Julius Caesar.....

Dear ASF,

What does a camera bag look like? Please stop and tell me that there are no pictures allowed with a 15 mile radius of your grounds. Otherwise, I would not have taken my camera in much less, taken it out in the theatre. And your docents wouldn't have had to attack me and told me it was "stupid to take my camera out".  Thank you!

Dear ASF,

Please tell me that cell phones are not permitted in the theatre 10 minutes prior to starting time. Otherwise, I wouldn't have had to go to the bathroom to use my phone. Thank you!

Dear ASF,

Please make sure you understand that we are trying to get out of the theatre but, there is a lot of people so you move slowly. Otherwise, you wouldn't have had to push us out of the auditorium. Thank you!


Dear Docent-who-was-so-kind-to-me,

Thank you for telling me nicely that I couldn't have gum in the theatre. I simply forgot to spit it out.


Hope this is a helpful guide in case you decide to go. :)


Sean said...

Gotta love guys weren't too far away from the Montgomery CEF office! Loved the Tim Hawkins reference to Oklahoma! Hope you are doing well!

Rachel said...

I love ASF! But haven't been since I was your age. I totally need to take Ali...and not my camera, or my phone, or gum.