Friday, April 15, 2011

Follow Friday

Hi everyone! I decided to start a feature on my blog called "Follow Friday". (my apologies to Twitter and the like! :) )

Every other Friday, I will mention a few of my blog friends and their blogs! I will encourage you to follow them and hopefully you will make new friends! :)

Okay, I would like to start with this wonderful blog and southern lady, she has a lot of DIY and Home decorating tips, and shows off cute little houses too(!). Her name is Rhoda and she blogs @ Southern Hospitality.  One of my favorite features on her blog is Feature Friday! Through that, I have fallen in love with Meadow Brook Farm and, recently, this cute little house! :) She used to live very close to me and, because life changes, she has moved back in with her parents for now. Why don't y'all go on over and introduce yourself! ;)

Now, I just have to mention this one this week, primarily because of her recent posts. Believe it or not, I met Mrs. Allison, along with her three kids, in a checkout lane at Publix a couple of years ago. (She shares some of the story here.) Its been a privilege getting to know her and family through this fantastic blog! And follow their adoption journey too!! She is also a professional photographer who knows how to catch precious moments in a photograph! Her latest post should inspire you and marvel at how great our God is!!

For the third and final one for today, I am proud to introduce.........My Mother!!! (I really had no choice in the matter considering she is my mom. :) ) This was supposed to be our FAMILY blog but, alas, it has turned into a book blog. :/  Y'all should still go and check her out (and not just because she's my mother)! :)

If you decide to follow in my footsteps, please let me know in the comments and I'll be happy to drop by! :)

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