Saturday, April 23, 2011

Warning: Do Not Ask Me To Pick Out Paint Colors

It's true, people. The paint color in the pictures you are about to see has been picked out by yours truly. *round of applause* No, seriously, do not applause me. It looks like, well, what she writes a lot about. (I'm too scared to use that word on my blog or maybe you can guess once you see it.) By the way, the first three pictures don't show the true paint color. Also, ignore the fact that one of our ceiling fans on our back porch doesn't have a cover. But, thats beside the point. (Sometimes, I have to let out all the imperfections to see the perfections. Hence why I said those things above.) 

Anyway, Secret Church came around again and, like always, Clay brought some guys to experience it. 

After the event was over, they came back to our house for more time in the Word. Or should I say discussion about the Word. And, some food. (we'll talk about my grammar later, too. ;) ) 

This is what they were all looking at in the previous picture. 

The normal picture....

L to R: Clay, Justin #2, Justin #1, Jojo, Matt, Ash, Josh, Dad, Joel, and Jason. (Note: Jojo and Matt did not come with Clay)

The "Time of Your Life" Picture.....

Personally, I like it when Clay brings guys to our house. And not just because their guys (lol) but, because their training. Warrior-Poets seeking after God. Maybe they do this because I'm a girl but, all their conversations when I was around or close by without them knowing it, were focused on Christ. At 1 AM after Secret Church they all gathered around the kitchen table for an hour and talked about what they had just sat through. And the next morning they had an hour long devotion. Yeah, I think these men are headed in the right direction.  

To "The Guys", thanks for coming and I hope to see y'all again sometime!

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~ McKenzie Elizabeth~ said...

Hope you all have a wonderful Easter Sunday as well!