Saturday, August 1, 2009


Thank you for stopping by my blog! I hope you enjoy it! Please comment and tell me what you think! I love to hear it!

I want to tell you the History of this blog and a little about me. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy.

It all started when I met my friend, McKenzie. We met @ a Father/Daughter Retreat and she gave me a card that had her email and her blog on it. And so, I read her blog and loved it so much that I started my own. I also have read Rachel's blog which I love too. (In fact she has inspired me to write even more!) I have been blogging since November '08 about all different types of things. I am enjoying this journey and hope that you will follow me through it!

Some random facts about me:

I change my backgrounds constantly!

Writing is not my favorite subject and I am also not a very good writer!

I love I don't know why.

I LOVE it when people comment!

I Love it when people follow my blog!

And I can't think of anymore. Oh I also think in run-on sentences yes I know but it is just me!

Have a good day, afternoon, or night!

In Christ Alone,


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Rachel said...

Great recap! Glad I could inspire you!! :)