Monday, August 31, 2009

My Trip to Guatemala Day 2 - Travel to the Location Where We would be Working

This was another travel day and we also stopped to explore a city in Guatemala. You can look up Antigua on Wikipedia and it will give you a history on the city.

So, here are pictures of our tour of Antigua and this place up in the mountains. Enjoy!

We started Day Two with this..........

This was in the middle of Antigua, Guatemala.

Looks like Cinderella is worldwide!

Then we went to the Jade Factory.
Men working on the Jade.

You can't really see it but the faucet is a mask.

This one is for HSH.......

Everything there was made of Jade. And they loved people taking pictures of their works!

We left their and headed to an unused Monastery

On the way I saw an old Church that had vendors in front of it.

The Courtyard in the Monastery

While we were there, we saw a bride and groom having their pictures taken.

The Nuns steam bath

This area orignally had a dome on top of it and where we are standing are what used to be the Nuns "cell" aka room. If somebody, such as this guy, stood in the center everybody could hear the him speak.

The Nuns version of the Chinese Water Torture
which all the boys decided to try out.

The Monastery also doubled as a Catholic Church

The carriage that held the Bride and Groom.

Random pictures from the van.

After that our team went to these beautiful Mountains. (and Clouds).

Group Shot! :)

Beautiful Mountains (and Clouds)

I will post later about our first official day in the village.

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