Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Last Week of CEF......

Here are some pictures of the final week of CEF! Enjoy!

Uncle Doug doing devotions with us before we head out.

We were able to go to LaQuemada, a hispanic community.

Here I am teaching that Jesus is the ONLY way to go to Heaven. Gravis #6 is translating for me.

Singing songs.

Listening to the Bible study or some of the kids were.......

Missions Story.

The review game.

#6 & #4

My friend Kara!!!

#4 & #6, again

The Gravis Family!

The Gravis Family:

Left to Right: 4, 7, 2, 3, 6, 1, and 5

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Chloƫ said...

Hi Giann,

I somehow stumbbled onto your blog and saw your CEF pictures. I think that's so neat because I did CEF too - only it was at daycares/apartments/homes around my city. I've done it the past two summers and have absolutely loved it! Their material is so great for kids! It's an awesome experience to share the Gospel with children. You seem to have such a heart for missions - keep on serving the Lord!!!

In Christ,