Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Day One - Travel to Guatemala

Sorry it took me so long to post, but we started school on the 24th and have been busy ever since. I am taking 5 outside classes and one whole day is taken up because of that. Btw, if you haven't already noticed, I'm HOMESCHOOLED! Yes, I know. Sorry, didn't mean to yell just making a point. Anyway, back to what I was saying.

The trip to Guatemala was Amazing! I Loved it and am looking forward to going back! We did alot in just 1 week. We put shoes on the shoeless, built a home for the homeless, loved and taught the Word to ladies and kids, and put food on the table for 2 famlies. I will post each day and tell you what we did.

Here I go...............

Well, Day 1 took off on the wrong start. All of our team woke up about 2:30ish or 3:00ish and got to the airport by 4:00. We checked all of our baggage, some of us ate breakfast and all of us waited and waited and waited. Well, it wasn't until 7:00 that we boarded our plane and left to Atlanta. We barely made it to the next plane to Guatemala. That was just the beginning of our challenges but we survied. Here are some pictures of our travel day! Enjoy!


Ben enjoying his Snapple

This is the outside of the airport of Guatemala.........

Goofing off

Day 2 tomorrow or in the near future. I promise it's more exciting.

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