Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Addition by Subtraction

(my fellow friends, you know who you are, I am sorry I stole your unknown  band name! :/ )

So, about a month or so ago our family gave up cable! Yep. I just said that. Here is proof....

Need I say more?


After cable went, my Dad asked my brother and I if we would consider sponsoring a child through Compassion Inter*national. (I had literally been wanting to do this for months now so, I guess you could say, I was thrilled! :))

Well, after praying about it and looking at children, I made my decision. (that almost sounds wrong, doesn't it? Me and my stalker habits. Oops! I hope they aren't reading my blog! Yikes!)

Anyway, I am now sponsoring a girl from India about 10 days older than me. I will not release much info about her considering I don't know their media policy.

Click here if you are interested in sponsoring a child for $38.00 a month.

Happy Wednesday everybody!!


Rachel said...

That's great!! And it's not so have to choose somehow...

Neesie said...

Hello! I'm new to your blog, but I like it already. Sponsering a child is a wonderful thing. My family and I sponser a child right now and I can't wait to do one on my own sometime soon.