Thursday, June 17, 2010

Guarding your Heart

Way back when, I asked if I could write a post for Love Unawakened and Jen said yes it is...

I came across a way to look at how to guard your heart.* Back in the Old Testament (OT), God's Temple was divided into sections of holiness. You had the "outer court", "the holy place", and the "Holy of Holies". This is a way to look at 'how to guard your heart'.

Lets start off with the "Holy of Holies". This is the area only open for God and your husband. No one else, not even your intimate friends! In her book Set-Apart Femininity, Leslie Ludy says this "The Holy of Holies include such sacred things as s*xual expression, s*xual touch, .....and the deepest most personal dimensions of the heart and mind........Giving away your physical purity is not just a matter of "crossing the line" but of sharing any part of your sexuality with someone outside of a marriage covenant." So, definitely this something that should not have to be discussed. Unfortunately, this is not so. (I must tell you though, that I am NOT condemning you! I merely want to share what is on my heart.)
 Just think about that for a minute. What does that really mean?? Well, it is not merely saying wait until marriage to have "it" but, to to guard your heart and mind from getting emotionally attached to a guy. Sharing your most intimate feelings with him and your physical being. I believe at one point in our lives we will be grateful for doing this.

Please girls, hear me!!! Guard this with your life!!!!!
If you have made mistakes and done this already, don't worry God will forgive you!!!

Now, "the holy place". This area only allows family and intimate friends. Again, Leslie Ludy says this "The holy place includes such sacred things as deeply personal expression (nons*xual), deeply personal touch (nons*xual), dimensions of the heart and mind containing highly sensitive and sacred matters (hurts, vulnerabilities, fears, weaknesses, dreams, desires, longings). She goes on to say that "The holy place should only be entered with an unrelated member of the opposite s*x when you are in a serious relationship, led by God, headed toward marriage." This basically explains itself. If you have any questions please leave a comment.

The last one is the "outer court". This is open to friends (guys and girls) and family. Leslie Ludy says this "....the sacred things in its domain still deserve a heightened level of guardedness and special protection. The outer court includes such things as friendly touch, words of specific encouragement, character endorsements, intercessory prayer, friendships with believers, the teaching and discussing of doctrine, and communion." This explains itself, again.......

This is just a thought as you go about the rest of your week! Please feel free to contact me on my blog!!

*Set - Apart Femininity by Leslie Ludy is a great read!!


Debra said...

Good thoughts.....I like how she compares it to the Temple, too....and very wise

Rachel said...

That's a great way to look at it! So, so important. I really like the analogy!