Sunday, August 8, 2010

Day 3 of our Trip to Guatemala

We left breakfast and heard/saw this going on at a school! (The video will not upload!) Basically, these kids were dancing to the World Cup song as their P.E. . These pictures don't even come close to showing how loud and cool it was!

We dropped the men off at the building site and then headed to the church in Santa Clara. 

The pink balloons were from a birthday party. 

We played with some of the kids but the action didn't really happen until the afternoon!   

Using our CEF training, me and Anderson taught the Bible lesson while my mom and Mrs. Allison led the women in a bible study!  

Here is Anderson practicing with Mrs. Trish, our interpreter. 

Here are some pictures after the crowd. These girls/boys had moms still in the bible study. 

Playing Duck-Duck-Goose..

Jumping rope...

We had a really fun time with the kids, even if it did ran most days! But God provided a bigger building for us to use. So, stay tuned!

*I will add more pictures to this post once I find some! (and stories!) 

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Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures, Giann! God is using you in big ways that will result in an eternal impact!