Saturday, August 7, 2010

Ministry Day aka Day 2

Every morning we would get up and have to drive to breakfast. The church, where we ate most of our meals, was in the next village. It wasn't a long drive at all!

Here is Pastor Luis doing a little devotion before we ate breakfast. 

My breakfast that morning. 

We either had "arroz con leche" or oatmeal then something else along with their equivalent to orange juice and Guatemalan coffee! 

On our way to breakfast one morning, we saw this little dog! He was soo cute! 
But, don't touch him because he is rabid! 

After breakfast, we stopped at the gas station to get some gasoline and this was right next to us........

Lets take a closer look....

Yep, that's right! A Pepsi bottle for a gasoline holder! 
(up until that point, I didn't know that is what gasoline looked like) 
It kinda makes you wonder....

Anyway, we drove our way up to the top of the mountain to Santa Clara. 

This is Toni, Pastor Luis's son-in-law, talking to the Pastor of the church in Santa Clara. 

Standing around waiting for instructions.....

We then were instructed to go inside the 1/4 built house and pray. 

After that, the men started to build while the rest of us played with the kids. 

Painting fingernails

Blowing bubbles

Grace playing in the field with the kids.

Some of the Guatemalan girls decided to braid Anna's hair. 

The tortilla I made! 
I actually made this tortilla in one of the homes! It was definitely a "once in a lifetime" experience!! 

Here is Christ working through me to share the gospel with the kids. I had an interpreter, Mrs. Trish, who is sitting on my right. 

Those are all the pictures I have from day 2 of our trip. If I find more, I will post them later. 

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Beth said...

God's using you, Giann, in amazing ways! I love all the pictures, especially the ones whose stories go beyond what can be documented in words- you've just got to experience it to feel the depth to understand!