Thursday, August 19, 2010

.Fasting. (Thursday's Thoughts)

Wow. Last time it was easy. This time it was hard. Alot harder for me. Hunger pains poked and prodded at me unless I was doing something else and not thinking about food. (Right now, as I type, the aroma of cookies is in the air. Yum! So you see it is kinda hard not to think about it.)

{But, instead of eating, I listened to David Platt's sermon 'Scandal of the Gospel'. It was a good one! Click on it if you want to hear it!}

Anyway, in our worship time on Sunday, we had a time of confession. A time to write out and confess our sins to God. It was a very convicting time of confessing the things I had done like being judgmental, prideful, etc... (go here to look at Leslie Ludy's 'Cleaning out the Sanctuary'. Very good if you want to fast and spend time in confession.) This fast, though,was a reminder of really having a hunger for God's Word. Don't just let it become a routine but, instead, look forward to that time each day whether it is in the morning or evening.

I think the problem today is that most Christians aren't that hungry for God's Word like they should be. I confess, I haven't been hungry in that way until this past summer. I really read the Bible because that is what you were "supposed" to do not because I was hungry. So, Please, Please, Please, spend time with your Maker today. Don't go to other things to fill that time, instead, go to the Word. I think you'll like it.

So, go and spend time with the Creator if the Universe. You will enjoy it! I promise!

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Abigail and Lydia said...

Very good post! Thanks for the reminder~