Saturday, March 26, 2011

100 Random Facts About Me - Part 2

continuing from Part 1.

26. I am not a writer.
27. I have been known to create very awkward moments without knowing it.
28. I have giggle fits that I'm learning to control.
29. I cannot tell a joke. or a story.
30. Math is my favorite class because of the people that are in there.
31. My least favorite class is American Literature. (Mrs. Haley, don't kill me!)
32. In all my classes this year, except one, the guys out number the girls.
33. I have played the piano for a decade.
34. Most people have a hard time pronouncing my first name.
35. It's pronounced with a soft "g" not a hard one.
36. I have been mistaken for a guy three times in my life.
37. Twice on the radio and once on an overnight field trip.
38. The lady coordinating the trip thought I was a boy and had me rooming with three other guys.
39. It was funny and awkward.
40. My favorite colors are purple, dark brown, and lime green.
41. I have been to four different countries.
42. The countries include Canada, Venezuela, Costa Rica, and Guatemala.
43. My parents used to ski in Canada and I went with them twice.
44. I would love to go to Ecuador or Africa.
45. I have a "twin". (we were born on the same day just hours apart.)
46. He's from Columbia and is the exact opposite of me.
47. I read for information. (i.e. Christian Living, Cleaning, etc. books.)
48. The longest I have ever stayed up voluntarily was 5:30am.
49. Involuntary was when the blizzard of '11 hit Atalanta.
50. I didn't realize it was this hard to come up with 100 random facts about myself.

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