Friday, March 11, 2011

I Don't No Where to Start

honestly, life has taken me captive. I've been swept up in a tornado that really likes me and wants me to stay and never go away. So, the posts that have been going up are scheduled posts.

key word: scheduled. 

nothing great and mighty has happened over the last few weeks that I feel necessary to broadcast to the world. Hopefully, Hopefully, though, I will have something to at least tell y'all. I just remembered that I do indeed have a post for ya but, it will stay in "draft" until our floors are fixed. If they ever get fixed. 

key word: fixed and if

in other news, I had the opportunity to use my CEF skills at a local missions conference for hispanic pastors. felt like old times. then, I went to see a movie, Gnomeo and Juliet. (in my opinion, it should be rated PG instead of G for just a couple of scenes.) 

Anyway, I also have some friends going to Columbia over spring break. Here's a link to their blog if you want to follow there journey! :) 

Well, life calls me back. ta-ta for now! :) 

oh, and i'm also sick...bleh! 

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