Friday, March 25, 2011

This Has Been A Rant By Giann

Killer the Headache or is it Headache the Killer?

Honestly, not much has happened this week aside from getting new windows. :)

But, one thing I have noticed is the headaches that I've been getting lately.

I think its the caffeine I've been having from my weekly visit to Star*bucks and having sweet tea from when I go out to eat. :p

And they come and go so, you never know when its going to hit! Its frustrating and I understand how my friend feels.

When you have headaches, you are limited in what you can and cannot do.  and it makes me mad. I can barely think and I'm sensitive to light, not necessarily to sound.

Since writing this post, my headache has almost gone away but, it will be back shortly so I will "take advantage of the time".

See ya later blog folks!


Thank you for reading "A Rant By Giann". Now, back to the real world.

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Becca said...

:( That sounds terrible! I'm so sorry!! I'll definitely be praying.